North American Field Guide to Critique Partners – Part Three

After a hiatus for Nano and the holidays, part three of the field guide is finally ready. This week: The Sandwichus Workshoperus.


Sandwichus Workshoperus

  • Sandwichus Workshoperus is an amenable creature that can be found in the wilds of literary writing workshops and critique groups.
  • A defining trait of this creature is their distinctive but vague and meaningless warble, usually a one-two-one pattern of greeting/warning/greeting (aka: positive/negative/positive).
  • One of the more passive of the various writing breeds, Sanwichus Workshoperus should never be brought into a household with an Angrius Authorus or Superiosis Literasus. The sometime aggressive and/or dominant nature of these breeds leads to failure to thrive in the gentle S.W., which manifests as shortened lifespans and the highly toxic “blue funk” disease.


As for me and writing news, I’m still working on the first draft of my novel that I started during Nano. I’m pretty happy with it, and am shockingly close to finishing, but at this point my internal editor is trying to take over. Keeping that annoying fuss-budget out of things is my biggest challenge. She slows things down a lot, and makes snarky comments about some of the fun things I try to type out to keep the book moving. I’m thinking of tricking dear editor into a vacation in the Bahamas, just so she’ll leave me alone until I get the draft done. I really don’t care about comma placement at this point, or whether I’ve used the same word to describe the same thing six times in the last twenty pages. That’s all stuff for my second draft, when I start looking at the language and seeing where things work and where they go off track. So in the interest of my creativity, dear editor, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve sprung for some fun and sun at the beach. Pack lightly, don’t forget your sunscreen, and I’ll see you in a month or so when I’m done playing with my words. Bon Voyage! And watch out for the jellyfish.

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  1. Appreciate writing this. I love the online world because you can study something new every day. I’ll share this with my friends, thank you!

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