Call for Submissions at Strange Chemistry

Just a quick note today about an open call for submissions at Strange Chemistry Books, an imprint of Angry Robot:

This is for un-agented manuscripts only, which is pretty cool because normally Angry Robot and Strange Chemistry don’t accept those. For those of you who don’t know, Angry Robot is a publisher of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. You can get their books at B&N and a bunch of other spots. Strange Chemistry is their new YA division, which also focuses exclusively on speculative fiction.

The basic rules are this: The open-door submission timeframe is April 16-30th. They won’t accept book 2 or later in a series, or books that were previously published or self-pub’d (even if it was just an eBook that sold 2 copies). The guidelines and details are all in the link I gave you.

As for me, I’m not sure if I’ll be putting GRENDEL in for their consideration or not. Chances are I could have the edits for the first five chapters and synopsis done in time, but it’s something I need to think about. The lure of going direct to the publisher instead of going through query letter hell is tempting, and they do pay standard advances and royalties. I’m just not sure I want to speed up my editing timeline in order to make their cutoff. I really like this book. I don’t want to rush it and not have it be as strong as it could be. So we’ll see. Maybe when we’re closer to the submission window I’ll have a better idea.

2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions at Strange Chemistry”

  1. I think you should try to strive to edit in time (without cutting corners of course), but don’t actually submit unless your whole novel is ready. What if you only have 5 chapters done and they get back to you quickly asking for the whole novel? But it’s good to have a deadline, so I think you should try. Good luck :)

  2. Good advice, Sage. Thanks.

    Most of the book is in decent shape, but I definitely pictured doing at least one more edit and getting it to betas before anyone on the publishing end saw it. The odds that they’d get back to me quickly asking for more are pretty slim, but I have the weirdest “luck” you’ve ever seen: if it’s not supposed to be possible, it happens. LOL. We’ll see where I am in April.

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