Good news, Toxic fans!

Good news, Toxic readers! I’ll be back with a new installment next week! Serial Teller will be catching up this Thursday, plus posting a brand new installment: “When Smurfs Attack.” If you just can’t wait until Tuesday to read it here, go check them out on 3/20!


In other news, I’ll be warping impressionable minds at AnomalyCon from 3/28-3/30 in Denver. Not only will yours truly be running a workshop on Synthesia that Friday, but I’ll be debating “Horror: Suspense or Gore,” “Urban Fantasy vs. Paranormal Romance,” and “Why We Love Zombies.” I’m also on a dark fantasy panel, will be talking about how to write paranormal hanky panky without embarrassing your mother, and being shown like a side-show exhibit at the carnival in the “Fresh Meat: The New Generation of Authors” event. Come check it out if you want to be amused or heckle me with pennies. It should be a great time!




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