Tizzy and Co. are Back!

Yup, that’s right my faithful readers! Part 10 of Toxic, “When Smurfs Attack,” is up!


Serial Teller caught up to Tizzy and Friends, so I’ll be resuming regular weekly installments starting today. I have so much good stuff coming in this story I’m almost bouncing with excitement. I can’t wait for you to read it. And in just a few more posts, you’ll all get to meet one of my favorite characters. Here’s a hint: the character is on the cover art for the story somewhere. My other favorite character–also hidden on the cover–will show up later. And if you find both in the art, no, I won’t tell you which is which. To find out you’ll have to keep reading! There’s good stuff ahead!

And please–I love comments from you guys, so keep on posting. I don’t care if it’s telling me what you like or if it’s about something that bugs you. It’s all good. Let me hear it!