Rain and Other Spring Things

It’s Tuesday, so that means the next installment of Toxic is up! And it’s April, so I must be traveling. It’s been a while since I had to go to not-so-sunny Cleveland, and I have to admit I’m looking forward to the food. I love Colorado most days, but we really do have a limited selection of ethnic cuisines. Unless you’re into Tex-Mex or BBQ, you’re pretty much stuck with chain places and little, un-kid-friendly dives specializing in duck confit and multi-flavored Mac and Cheese.


This trip is also a good reminder of what spring in the east is like: clouds, rain to make all the green things grow, and no dramatic weather mood swings that go from arctic to tropical in 24 hours. I swear the state I live in acts like it’s drunk this time of year.


Speaking of drunk, be sure to check out Toxic, “The Dangers of Pie,” while you’re here! Our little movie blogger is still in the club, and she’s meeting some interesting folks. And next week, in “Vodka and Venom Don’t Mix,” everyone’s favorite Mean Girl is going to show Tizzy how well she can hold her liquor. Hint? She can’t. But she does tend to babble some interesting things when she’s had too much tequila. Then again, don’t we all?