A collection of random images I’ve taken over the years just for fun. Writers do have interests other than writing, sometimes, and mine happens to be photography. I was never good enough to do it professionally–my standards were Nat Geo-quality, and I can’t touch those guys–but I enjoyed it. Still do. I just need a decent digital SLR to replace my film one. And yes, believe it or not you can still get film. In my case, it takes a 15 mile drive from work to a specialty shop and a ton of money. You don’t even want to know what it costs for high-quality film these days.


<== This was part of a series I did when I worked at a NYC art college, called “Odd World.” I shot slide film and played around with the developing to get some bizarre colors. Kind of cool how it turned out (no filters were involved taking the pic–it’s all done in the development process). And for those wondering, yes, that was me when I was a 20-something NYC gal. Though I didn’t usually have glowing eyes from Hell. Except maybe after a REALLY long night at “Mother,” on Jackie 60 or Long Black Veil night. :-)






<==Kind of self-explanatory, no? If not, get thee to NYC.










<==Pretty sure the Times Square subway station doesn’t look like this anymore, but it’s how I remember it. I used to work less than a block from here, in the old Paramount building. You haven’t seen crazy until you’ve tried to get to work in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Seriously. The madness starts before noon.






<==Living near Union Square meant I spent a lot of Saturdays browsing the Farmer’s Market. I also saw a lot of rallies. This one was for Kosovo.







<==Another picture from the “Odd World” series. You have no idea how long it took to write an excerpt from “Snow White and Rose Red” on a face, backwards in the mirror.


As for what I was thinking when I took it: I have no idea. It was for a self-portrait class I took at the art college, and the teacher gave us all sorts of avant-garde assignments. It was fun, but some of the pics, without their context, end up pretty bizarre.




<==Ballet de Folklorico in Mexico City. The shot was an accident–I used way too slow of a shutter speed. But I thought it turned out pretty cool for a mistake.









<==Once we moved to the Wild West, I switched from weird urban pics to nature photography. This was an abandoned logging cabin at the top of a mountain pass, near where I lived.










<==What a lot of people don’t realize is how close clouds get when you’re at 10k feet above sea level. Some days it feels like you can reach up and touch them. Some days, you can.








<==For a semi-arid place, it’s still possible to find spots that remind you of the Pacific Northwest. This is near the top of a mountain which for the most part is bare rock and alpine moss. Get near a stream fed from snow-melt, however, and things change.









<==So many tiny little ghost towns in the land of tumbleweeds. Some of them stuck in time, unchanged for a hundred years or more. Except for the dust.


So that’s a little sample of some stuff I’ve shot. Not the best images by any means, but a story of sorts. And a reminder that writers are more than the words they put on the page.

Writing about the things that go bump in the night.

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