Froggy Style – A F***ed-Up Fairytale

by j.a. kazimer

Published by Kensington Books, 2013


If you’re looking for a fun read for the weekend, there’s a new book by j.a. kazimer called “Froggy Style, A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale.” This book takes the irreverence of the Shrek movies and beats it to a pulp. Fairy tales never stand a chance against j.a. kazimer’s style, and in this latest book, she’s at her best.

Jean-Michel is the Frog Prince, a hedonistic prince on a mission: find his One, the girl who kissed him twenty two years ago and turned him mostly human. Except it wasn’t so much of a kiss as it was an attempt to eat him. Jean-Michel isn’t particularly thrilled with being tied to the snotty brat, but he has no choice. If he can’t find her and marry her before he turns thirty, he’s doomed to a life of lily pads and flies-du-jour.

Assisted in his mission by his stodgy man-servant Karl, Jean-Michel letches his way through Cin City in search of his bride. His fairy godmother leads him to Beauty, a princess with narcolepsy and a nasty attitude. She’s anything but charming, but what’s Jean-Michel to do? He’s not going to go back to the pond. He might, however, pay for a hit against her. Especially if enough alcohol is involved, and with Jean-Michel, there usually is.

With his future as a human now in jeopardy, and his mind mostly sober, Jean-Michel sets off to stop the assassin. The only way to do that is by following his credit card receipts from his black-out of a night when he hired them, including an eye-popping charge at a strip club and a $200 tramp-stamp. Enter Lollie Bliss, a tattoo artist with an attitude who’s not what she seems. She may be the key to finding the assassin. She may also be the girl who makes Jean-Michel ditch his humanity for love.

Jean-Michel is a guy no woman should like, but under j.a. kazimer’s hands, you can’t help it. From the first page to the last, we’re rooting for him to figure things out. We’re also laughing like crazy, and trying not to snort coffee out of our nose. Karl is a gem of a sidekick, and the roach matchmaker is a great spin on Jiminy Cricket. And while this book won’t change the world or make you think deep thoughts, who cares? It’s fun, and sometimes that’s all fiction should be.

Overall? This book will have you laughing. And I promise you’ll never look at the Grimm version of the story the same way again.

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