Attack of the SpamBots

Hey, all. Still on vacation, but I wanted to put up a quick note: apparently I’ve risen high enough in the search engines that the spambots have found me, and they’re slamming my server with junk comments every single minute. Which means I’ve had to lock comments down pretty tight–new posts won’t have them enabled, and anything over a day old will be taken offline for comments, too.

I apologize for the PITA-ness of it all, but my filters just couldn’t keep up and it was impossible for me to find your real feedback amongst all the ads for products no one wants. If you posted a legit comment on one of my installments and don’t see it up, that’s what happened. I’ll be trying to work some filter magic so I can get everything back online soon!

In the interim, you can go to the contact page and email me if you want to discuss anything! I’ll be back with new Toxic pages soon.

Summer Vacation

Tizzy and Co. will be on vacation for the next two weeks. I’ve got an installment for you today, but after that it’s off for a little R&R.

BUT: the next installment will be up on August 5th, and I promise it’s a doozy! Tizzy finds out just what “fun” means when hanging out with Damian, and gets a clue about why she can see what she sees. She might just piss off a few creatures along the way, too. Which, if you know anything about the type of hints I give, means that yes–the gargoyle poop is about to hit the fan. Or fairy poop, as the case may be.

Check back the first Tuesday in August for more Tizzy and friends!

In the mean time, check out this awesomeness from Denver Comic Con:


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